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And I wonder where these dreams go...

when the world gets in your way.

18 December 1978
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Hey, everyone, I'm Katie. I guess I'm still most popular for starring as Joey Potter during the six-year run of Dawson's Creek on the now-defunct WB and/or being briefly married to Tom Cruise, but fortunately, I am now living my dream and continuing to focus my time and energy on film and my gorgeous daughter, Suri. Here are some things about me. Enjoy!

About me:

Full name: Kate Noelle Holmes.
Nickname[s]: Katie.
Age: 27.
Birthplace: Toledo, Ohio.
Location: Los Angeles, California.
Height: 5'9".
Weight: 125 lbs.
Clothing size: 4.
Family: Mom Kathleen [56, homemaker], dad Martin [58, attorney], sisters Tamera [35], Holly [33] and Nancy [28], brother Martin Jr. [32].
Children: Suri Cruise [7 months].
Education: Margaret O'Brien's Modeling School in Toledo, Ohio [1995]; I graduated from Notre Dame Academy [all-girls' Catholic high school in Toledo] in 1997, and was offered the chance to study at wonderful Columbia University. I haven't taken any classes yet [but I AM going to go AND graduate eventually!], except for ONE photography class.
SAT score: 1310.

See my interests for a bunch of things I love or have special meaning to me!



Thank You for Smoking (2005) .... Heather Holloway
Batman Begins (2005) .... Rachel Dawes
First Daughter (2004) .... Samantha Mackenzie
Pieces of April (2003) .... April Burns
The Singing Detective (2003) .... Nurse Mills
Abandon (2002) .... Katie Burke
Phone Booth (2002) .... Pamela McFadden
The Gift (2000) .... Jessica King
Wonder Boys (2000) .... Hannah Green
Teaching Mrs. Tingle (1999) .... Leigh Ann Watson
Muppets From Space (1999) .... Joey Potter
Go! (1999) .... Claire Montgomery
Disturbing Behavior (1998) .... Rachel Wagner
The Ice Storm (1997) .... Libbets Casey


"Dawson's Creek" (1998) TV Series .... Josephine 'Joey' Potter

Music Videos:

Bob Dylan's "Things Have Changed" (2000)
Eve 6's "Tonguetied" (1999)
The Flys' "Got You Where I Want You" (1998)

[Storybook only, please, if you can help it.]

[Note: I am not the real Katie Holmes, this is for an RP, please read the disclaimer. Thanks!]
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